2015 Annual Report Design for Asante Africa Foundation











Recently I completed the 2015 Annual Impact Report for Asante Africa Foundation. The project was in total about 2 months long but, a lot of that was organizing the project, collecting data, and finding the stories to use. My part (the actual design, layout & infographics) was completed in about 3 weeks time. In total the booklet is 28 pages and is available as a download as well as a hard copy print. We wanted to keep it visually stimulating to keep the readers interested and we accomplished this by using bold colors, eye catching images, and interesting design elements.

One of the most challenging parts was taking the data and creating the infographics. Since this was my first impact report it was daunting to receive a pile of numbers and be expected to make them look pretty and professional. Once this part was done I feel it was one of the most exciting aspects since I had no idea the direction I was going to go.

I started by plugging the numbers into the graph maker in Illustrator and that really helped to transform the numbers into a visual format, from there I could google my heart out for more unique ways to display the numbers. Here is one of the info graphics from the report.




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